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Whatever your premises, your basic security provisions must include the ability to control who enters, when and where. Access control systems provide a way to allow free flow of authorised personnel who can gain entry whilst denying the access of unwanted guests.

Controlling who comes in through the front or back door is essential. However, this is only a small element of the full potential that access control systems offer. It can control the access of sensitive areas such as a manager’s office down to just a stock cupboard, or simply but vitally protecting staff from attack from the public.

Basic access control comes in the form of mechanical digital locks. When looking for a more comprehensive access control solution, products such as electronic keypads and proximity readers are the ideal choice. Once a system is installed access is easily structured and supervised by use of credentials – cards/fobs – which can be managed by online or offline software depending on the system.

Access Keypads

Access keypads are a very common product in access control systems. They range from light duty to heavy duty and many are IP rated so suitable for external use (rain covers or surrounds may be required if they are in an area where they are exposed to the elements). Keypads are good for areas where a low level of security is required. They are a basic and convenient product to use for door entry and a cost effective solution for standalone doors.

The codes on keypads can be changed either by moving jumpers within the unit or by electronic programming – depending on the model. Keypads with jumpers are limited to up to two codes, whereas the electronic keypads can accommodate up to 500 user codes.

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Keyless Access Control
Allows authorised users unlock a door without needing a physical key.
Mechanical Digital Door Code Locks
Available for all types of doors on sheds, gates and garages.
Electronic Digital Door Code Locks
Standalone yet effective digital access control that do not require complex wiring, ID cards or external power.